RFID Retail Checkout Solutions

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What is EXO?

EXO Checkout instantly (and magically) scans all of a customer’s merchandise, eliminating the need to scan the individual barcodes of each product.

This reduces transaction times from minutes to seconds and provides a “wow” experience.

Because EXO speeds transaction times, customers are not deterred by long, slow moving lines. This allows them to focus on shopping, creating a better experience and getting fans back to the action.

The future is EXO. Let's go!

Fast. Fun. Frictionless.

And easy as 1-2-3

EXO RFID Expedited Checkout for Retail

How EXO Works

EXO leverages the power, security, and reliability of RFID to instantaneously scan the RFID tag of each item in the station, eliminating the need to scan the individual barcodes of each product. Checkout times are reduced to the time it takes for the customer to pay.

The Flexibility of EXO

EXO stands out in the retail industry with its unique approach to point-of-sale (POS) systems. We believe in adapting to your existing infrastructure rather than imposing a new one. Our technology seamlessly integrates with popular POS systems for efficient payment processing and sales tracking, allowing retailers to maintain their current setups.

Explore the flexibility with EXO’s custom built-in solutions or versatile mobile stations. Choose the convenience of independent self-checkout or the speed of a cashier-assisted transaction.

Loss Detection

EXO not only transforms the shopping experience, but also provides a powerful Loss Detection solution. By harnessing the capabilities of RFID, EXO offers a dual benefit: it not only streamlines the checkout process but also plays a crucial role in deterring theft and reducing shrinkage. Contact us to learn how our Loss Detection solution can work for you.

The Benefits of EXO:

Experience EXO at the UBS Arena Isles Lab Team Store:

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EXO Fixed Installation / Built-in

Built-in / Fixed Installations

Built into the checkout counter for a visually clean installation.

EXO Mobile Station

Mobile Stations

Maintain placement flexibility in your retail space with EXO Mobile and EXO Mobile Mini.

UFC Las Vegas Event - Rental Stations

Mobile Rental Stations

Add the speed and “wow” of EXO to your next pop-up event. Ask about our rental fleet.

EXO RFID Loss Detection & Theft Prevention - Super Bowl LVIII

Loss Detection

RFID allows us to provide loss detection and theft protection to your space. Ask us how!

More possibilities with RFID

Once your products are tagged, the possibilites are endless:

In-Store Experiences

Recommend products, invoke content, understand behaviors

Theft Protection

Alert or alarm if unsold items leave the store

Item Level Visibility

Follow each item from receipt to sale, optimize placement

Inventory Counting

Rapid (hours) and accurate (98%+) store counts


Ensure the right product mix is on the floor at all times

Receiving Accuracy

Verify without counting one by one


Know where your product is during the event