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The Legends League Store Solution

Legends is leveraging RFID at the flagship league store to improve operations and customer experience.

SML’s Clarity® solution helps Legends keep the right products in stock at the league store. Staff can execute store inventory counts in hours (categories in minutes) instead of days, allowing for more frequent counts and improved accuracy. Clarity® also improves receiving and transfers, as well as drive store replenishment. Because each RFID tag is unique, items are discretely scanned at store exits and any “unpurchased” items will trigger an alarm system alerting staff and customers.

EXO Self Service Checkout instantly (and magically) scans all of a customer’s merchandise, reducing transaction times from minutes to seconds and providing a “wow” experience. EXO works with Square for payment processing and tracking sales, however EXO will work with other popular POS systems utilized by Legends properties. For store security, EXO notifies Clarity of sold merchandise in order to deactivate RFID tags prior to store exit.

Zebra hardware powers the Legends league store solution. Zebra handheld RFID scanners running Clarity software perform the inventory counts. Zebra RFID readers inside the EXO self service checkouts instantly scan all the customer’s merchandise when placed in the station eliminating the need to scan barcodes.

RFID Momentum in Retail

RFID is not new to retail, but current dynamics are accelerating its adoption. During the pandemic, customers wanted to buy online, and often pickup in store. Retailers wanted to serve pickup and online customers out of the store. To do so, they needed to improve inventory accuracy and store operations. RFID makes this not only possible but sustainable even as customers returned.
Post pandemic, retailers are facing staffing challenges. Self service checkout is not only about convenience, but better staff utilization. RFID makes self service checkout easier and faster, and also can be used for other in store shopping experiences and loss prevention.

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EXO RFID Expedited Checkout for Retail

EXO revolutionizes checkout by providing a fast, easy and frictionless experience for customers. With EXO, customers and staff no longer have to scan each item’s barcode. EXO leverages RFID technology to instantaneously scan all the items for the customer. Checkout times are reduced to the time it takes for the customer to pay. And customers are amazed at the ease and magic of the solution.

Because EXO speeds transaction times, customers are not deterred by long, slow moving lines. This allows them to shop and get back to the event, creating a better experience that leads to repeat purchases and recommendations.


Insert bag of items into EXO

All items scanned instantly

Confirm screen and checkout


Clarity® is SML’s revolutionary item-level RFID inventory and operations software platform that improves inventory availability, resulting in increased sales, reduced excess inventory, reduced BOPIS cancel rates, and higher label efficiency.

Clarity® leverages item-level RFID data through its cloud-based core engine to support the entire lifecycle of products — from factory through distribution to stores and beyond. This helps improve operational performance, increase profits, reduce costs, and drive customer satisfaction through efficient, dramatically improved inventory accuracy.

Zebra Technologies and the NFL
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